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Why on earth record anything at all?

Let us ask you instead.


Do you keep letters from your loved ones?  How about your child’s first drawings?  May be, your teenage poems?  Every person has a natural desire to preserve things that are precious to him, that bring up good memories, the ones into which a lot of effort and a piece of heart were invested.

Undoubtedly, any family has at least one photo album, and its value far exceeds the cost of a roll of film and its development: it is memory, a fragment of the days that are gone now, but which will forever stay with you.  And it’s totally inconsequential that those pictures might never get to a photo exhibit or an art gallery (although, you really never know…) – they are important to you and your family.  Isn’t that the best reason?


For quite a number of years, photography has been and still is the main method of “freezing the moment”, however, it is definitely not omnipotent.  We know a lot of people who made music an integral part of their whole existence – and we are not talking about professional musicians and performers: they are already being recorded by big studios, performing in front of thousands-strong audiences, and sign multi-million dollars contracts.  However, if quality photography is within everybody’s reach by now, it’s far from being the case with sound recording.

Why Choose Us?

If you write poetry or prose, then all you need to preserve the fruits of your labor is a piece of paper and a pen (or a computer and a printer for the advanced ones among us); if your forte is painting – canvas and brushes will keep the masterpiece safe for the generations to come; if you are a musician – …


Oops!.. You just might be out of luck! Of course, you could just grab your old tape recorder, stick a RadioShack mic into it, and pour away your heart and soul into the performance. You could even summon up enough courage to listen to it afterwards… The end result would bear about as much resemblance to your creative concept as a Pavarotti’s aria hummed by your neighbor reminds of the original.


No matter how sad it is (and even unfair to a certain extent!), but well-made, quality music requires a great deal more than that. (If you are interested in details, have a look at our gear: the funny thing is that all this stuff is REALLY necessary.) Especially if you know that your piece absolutely needs a backing vocal, or a solo guitar riff, or a nice dreamy keyboard pad…


As a matter of fact, that’s the way our studio started out: with a vision of Music that deserves to be treated with some respect! And no, we do not create any complex mixes and do not record symphony orchestras (not yet, at least…) We mostly work with individual performers and musicians playing primarily acoustic music.


It’s simply that there is SO many talented people around, who gave their effort, time, and heart to music (sorry about the commonplace), and we think that all this work and inspiration shouldn’t be just plainly and shamefully wasted…

Every man should plant a tree, father a son, build a house...

- Plato (428-348 B.C.)

...and record his music...

- ARTA Records (2002)

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